Hi everyone! My name is Bella. Since childhood, I've always loved trying all sorts of things and being on many adventures. Right after finishing school, I decided to pack my bags and my camera to explore the world. Now that I'm back, I welcome you to tag along as my friends show you how much more beautiful and colorful life could be. I guess, you'll be seeing more of me now. *wink wink*


Cha Soba, Dashi, Poached Egg

Craving for a quick and easy Japanese fix? Instead of going out for that go-to ramen run, watch this video for a DIY cha soba that is both satisfying and healthy. Ingredients - 1 pack, Hakubaku - 1 pack pre-made dashi stock - 3 tbs. Obento soy sauce - 1/4 cup white vinegar - 1 egg - chopped shallots and spring onions for garnish Directions - Cook pasta as directed on package; drain and place directly in ice cold water to chill. - In the same pot, add a pack of pre-made dashi stock and add 3 tbs. Obento soy sauce - Mix and simmer for a couple of minutes - Transfer the broth in your serving bowl; add 1/4 cup white vinegar to the remaining broth and poach the egg - take the egg out and place in the serving bowl along with the noodles. Garnish with chopped shallots and spring onions.


CJ Jaravata on Jealousy

Jealousy is a taboo in any relationship. We all feel it, we all see it, we all experience it and there are only two ways to deal with it – by either putting jealousy and anger out there, or just keeping it in under a cool and calm façade. But the bottom line is, jealousy exists and it will always eat you from the inside. When all things that are said about jealousy is bad, is it possible that it has a good side after all? Join our Cave Men together with Amazing Race Philippines winner, model and actress CJ Jaravata as they look through the highs and lows of jealousy.


Shawn Yao: Exclusively Dating vs. In a Relationship

Shawn Yao and the Cavemen talk about the fine line between agreeing to date one person and being "in a relationship. Or, is there really a difference. Let's debate on this shall we?


Carla Dunareanu on Travel Hacks & Tips

Whether you're travelling for work or play, its great because you get to go out of your comfort zone. What really makes it unforgettable though are the crazy stories you get to take home because more than the token scenic shots and monopod selfies, your stories are your best souvenirs. Pick up women, save money and enjoy your trip more with some of the best travel hacks and horror travel stories from well travelled Radio DJ and Thespian Carla Dunareanu together with guest host filter-less Franco Mabanta and the rest of the Cavemen


Jacq Yu on Independence

Oftentimes, we rely on others more than it is necessary. The ability to be independent is something that not everyone possesses. Learning how to support yourself and being able to handle things on your own is the first step to success (you'll get there...eventually). Join our Cavemen with the extra serving that is Franco Mabanta, along with Amazing Race Alumnus and FHM gal, Jacq Yu, as they discuss the finer points of being independent. Because at the end of the day, Cavefolks, you only have yourself to fall back on.