Quad Damage

All Caught Up: October 27, 2014

The Quad Damage crew recaps and discusses the hottest news of the past couple of weeks. The League of Legends World Championship concludes, An indie game developer sends a death threat to Gabe Newell, ASUS launches new motherboards in the country, and Google unveils the new Nexus line. This is All Caught Up for October 27, 2014.


WEEK 3 - Boho Fashion Teaser

Hippie hangover! For Boho Chic's last week, let's all enjoy some good ol' hangout with friends & some natural beauty elixir. SEPTEMBER 24 (Wednesday) - Argan Oil Uses & Benefits SEPTEMBER 26 (Friday) - Glamping


Fete Dela Musique

Celebrate a day of pure music extravaganza in different genres & venues on this pumped up music festival.


WEEK 2 - Boho Fashion Teaser

What to watch out for this week? Some feel-good music event plus, loving that full-brow look! ;) September 17, 2014 (WEDNESDAY) - Full Brows Makeup September 19, 2014 (FRIDAY) - Fete Dela Musique Wink wink, Bella


Full Brows Makeup

Flaunt those natural brows & achieve this beauty trend that can frame your face even better!


Clinique DDML+ Launch

Say hello to an old friend who's going to give you smoother & softer skin.


WEEK 1 - Boho Fashion Teaser

Let the boho vibe set the mood for this week's webisodes! Remember to watch out for these dates, ok? SEPTEMBER 10 (Wednesday) - Clinique Event SEPTEMBER 12 (Friday) - Bohemian Fashion Wink wink, Bella


Make Your Own Havaianas 2013

Who says flip-flops are only meant to wear during hot summer days? Havaianas shows you how to make your own pair fit for any season!


WEEK 3 - Monsoon Webisode Teaser

Who says you can only have fun under the sun? Staying under your roof is also a nice way to enjoy some indoor activities! How? Watch these: SEPTEMBER 3 (Wednesday) - Indoor Exercise SEPTEMBER 5 (Friday) - Havaianas Event Wink wink, Bella


WEEK 2 - Monsoon Webisode Teaser

The gloomy weather must not stop you from having fun! Be sure to try these activities: AUGUST 20, 2014 (Wednesday) - Vitamin C Rich Food AUGUST 22, 2014 (Friday) - Hosting a Tea Party Wink wink, Bella



Hi everyone! My name is Bella. Since childhood, I've always loved trying all sorts of things and being on many adventures. Right after finishing school, I decided to pack my bags and my camera to explore the world. Now that I'm back, I welcome you to tag along as my friends show you how much more beautiful and colorful life could be. I guess, you'll be seeing more of me now. *wink wink*


Heads App | Smash Hit / Hilomi

Pathra is back to smash things with balls and take cute photos. Watch the full NoobTube episode on ExtraRice.tv!