Cha Soba, Dashi, Poached Egg

Episode: 5 on July 31, 2014


Beef Salpicao with Roasted Garlic and Buttered Vegetables

In the words of Erwan, “Traditional cooking is not about having one mother recipe and then following that to the bone.” The best (and most fun) part of cooking is experimenting with different flavours and putting your own spin to even the most familiar and beloved recipes. Watch him put together a simple Salpicao dish and challenge tradition with his garlic-buttery version that will surely hit home.



Adobo is probably one of the best known Filipino dishes around the world, but did you know that it actually isn't a dish? Its a process. Anything that is primarily stewed in vinegar can be called an Adobo. In this episode of The Fat Kid Inside, watch Erwan whip his own version and see this all-time favourite in a new light.


Browned Butter Sea Salt Nutella Cookie

Craving for a snack that will give your sweet tooth a happy kick? Watch as Erwan whip up a quick cookie recipe that will surely make your ears ring. Warning: Arm yourself with loads of tissues because you will end up drooling. Directed by Nicky Daez. Shot by: Nicky Daez, Sari Cruz, Sabs Bengson. Edited by: Adrielle Martinez Sound by: Dru Ubaldo Music: Deahtless Gods by Tarsius (Modulo Geek Remix


Get Healthy in 5 minutes

Jumpstart your way to weight-loss and healthy living in just 5 minutes! Follow Erwan's fool-proof tips and start shedding those unwanted weight and unhealthy habits to make way for the newer and healthier you. Graphics by: Howard Yu