Bad Actors Club ft. Kakai Bautista

You know how men suddenly become 1000x hotter when they're funny? Check out this clip with comedienne, host, and actress Kakai Bautista, in another edition of Bad Actors Club and be the judge if our Cave Men made you ROTFL or squirm out of your seats.


How to Know if Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend is Cheating

Nowadays, media is so saturated with themes and stories about cheating and the consequences that come afterwards. But what if we are actually equipped to spot the tell-tale signs of this persistent phenomenon and actually nip the bud before it ripples into a Potentially Disastrous Forever? Media might have one less topic to exploit after watching this Cave Bite, as the guys, along with Rhian Ramos, give some serious insight on how to spot a cheater - but of course, in their typical Cavemen antics. Time to pay some major attention to this one, kids.


Need for Speed feat. Gaby dela Merced

Not so very long ago, Homo Sapiens moved through our natural cycles at nature's pace. Fast forward to today, there’s an obsession for speed: fast food, fast Internet, fast service, and the fastest way to get into (or out of) relationships. But is faster always better? (For cars, definitely). Join our Cavemen as they hit the brakes and discover the fast lane and its detours—and pick up car tips along the way, with speed racing champ, art advocate and former Pinoy Big Brother Housemate Gaby dela Merced.


Sex Change Episode feat. Sam Bermudez

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But what if they decide to jump ship and see if the grass is indeed greener on the other side? The Cavemen, along with Stoked, Inc. champion wakeboarder, Sam Bermudez, dissect what rocks (and what sucks) being on the shoes of the opposite sex.


Things You Should Never Tell a Girl

Did that slip of the tongue earn you a cold-shoulder? Still clueless about why your girl suddenly went bananas on you? Maybe (or probably) you said something that ticked her off (without meaning to, of course). So watch and listen closely as our Cave Men, together with Tisha Silang, dishes out the things you should never tell a girl.


Into The Cave

You think the crazy ends soon as the camera stops rolling on The Cave set? WRONG! What you're about to read once you scroll down is a transcript, a (not so) rare phenomenon that took place in the virtual dwelling place of our Cave Men, together with Content Head and Token Gay Guy, Dax Carnay, Social Media Ninja, Mel Libatique and Quirky PR Girl JM Conopio.