Stephen Ku

Stephen is the restless one in the bunch. A forerunner in the events industry in the Philippines behind Eventscape Manila & Worldwide Womb. He's produced some of the biggest concerts and dance events in the country that include: Jason Mraz, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Close Up Summer Solstice, Fat Boy Slim. So yes, he really knows the DJ. Being an artist himself he’s into music with his band and he's also into skin bling as well being part of the country's leading tattoo & lifestyle shop – P&P Tattoo. He doesn't sleep as he’s part of some of the best nightlife concepts in Manila and Boracay.

Marc Nelson

Marc is a multi-ethnic mutt. Someone who has travelled to 50+ countries but still gets lost in a car park. He is a sports enthusiast who has a 6 pack but can’t run 6k. He has hosted various television shows in the Southeast Asia. A tagalog challenged TV host in the Philippines, he is a frustrated knight in slightly tarnished armor.

Rovilson Fernandez

Big, bald, bold, loveable and huggable. The resident introverted comedian (no, really). He’s mastered the art of pointless rambling and if you blink, you might miss some of his finest plagiarized quotes. Listen at your own risk! Rovilson “no-filter” Fernandez at your service!

Erwan Heussaf

Erwan was once really fat. In fact he started a food and fitness blog about it. He works in the food business today. If he was a drink he’d be a glass of Cote du Rhone. If he was a dish he’d be a Bahn Mi. He’s a big geek hiding behind big hair. He’s very opinionated, sometimes to his own demise. He dislikes corruption and stupidity. He is the youngest in the group, although sometimes he sounds like the oldest.