The Cave

With an understanding of how to turn a man to be the man that he wants to be, The CAVE (A Man's Guide to Manliness), is a show for men and by men. It promotes the true essence of a man, hoping to make them rise above mediocrity.



Noobtube is the only locally-produced gaming podcast that is made by gamers for gamers. It's not just for people who enjoy video games - the show aims to make video games and gaming for everyone.


The Fat Kid Inside

The FAT KID INSIDE by Erwan Heussaff is now branching out to a broader advocacy of shinning light on the food culture of the Philippines and South East Asia. A spinoff of his blog,, expect the show to tackle broader food and drink subjects, and just about anything under the tropical sun for people who don’t tire when it comes to eating and drinking.



Bella (Italian for "beautiful") is a lifestyle show for women. Women from all walks of life will get to know everything they wanted to know - from the latest fashion trends to helpful beauty tips and t ricks. The show is hosted by a fresh, sophisticated and witty character voiceover named Bella. Each episode will have a theme which will tie all segments together. Fashion gurus, make-up experts and fashionistas unite in guiding today's women in realizing their true beauty, inside and out.


Quad Damage

Quad Damage is the show for the everyday gamer. We talk about the issues we and other everyday gamers have to deal with both in-game and in real life–even relationship problems! We discuss the important and sometimes unpopular topics in the gaming community and industry while we talk about, play, and review the latest games and gadgets. We check out the biggest gaming events and chat with people you may know. Quad Damage brings you up to speed with everything you need to game hard and have fun! Quad Damage is a weekly multi-segment YouTube show with daily segment releases that cover a multitude of topics, activities, themes, news items, and events. It’s hosted by Mikey Bautista, Gian Viterbo, Jason Dayrit, and Martin Patiño.